Executive Team 2015/2016


President: Brian Mukeswe
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Hello, my name is Brian Mukeswe and I will be serving as your President this year. I come from Uganda in East Africa and I am a third year student of Electrical Engineering at UBC. I am really excited about the relationships that we shall build as we continue on the journey of achieving AAI’s objectives. I also look forward to a more engaged, inclusive, and committed membership at the various events that we shall have throughout the year.



African Studies Student Representative: Franck Gba

FranckHi, my name is Franck and I will be serving as your African Studies Student Representative this year. I am of Beninese descent but was born and raised in France. I am currently in my 4th year at UBC, majoring in Political Science and minoring in African studies, of course. Minoring in African studies is the best academic decision I have made so far and I can already see some positive benefits from such a decision. That is why I am very much looking forward to working with Linda and the entire AAI executive team to find ways to promote AFST courses and projects at UBC. I think it is crucial for our university to offer a wide range of African studies courses at all levels since the continent is a key player in our global system and (slowly but surely) recognized as such. Feel free to contact me and/or Linda if you have any questions about the AFST program. I wish you all a fantastic year and look forward to seeing you at all our events!

African Studies Student Representative: Linda Wacheke


Jambo! My name is Linda Wacheke and I am 3rd Year B Com student in Sauder taking a double option in Entrepreneurship and International Business. I may have not had a chance to take up African Studies courses but I do know the importance of having them in such a dynamic community as the one here in UBC. I hope that both Franck and I will be successful in engaging more students to take up the African Studies Minor as means of expanding the global knowledge about Africa. I enjoy volunteering for organizations that support the welfare of orphaned children in Kenya and currently I am volunteering at the BC Children’s Hospital. I love travelling, dancing and learning Spanish. I look forward to working with the executive members of AAI as well as everyone who has interest in enhancing awareness about the continent I call home, Africa.

VP External: Marianne Mesfin


Hello! My name is Marianne Mesfin and I will be serving as your Co Vice-President of External Affairs for the 2015-2016 school year. I’m Ethiopian but have lived in Rwanda for over 18 years. I am currently in my 4th year at UBC pursuing a degree in Gender Studies and a minor in International Relations. I joined AAI in my first year and have made great friends along the way. In addition to the sense of community I feel that AAI is a great platform to engage in informed dialogue about Africa. As an African I also feel compelled to challenge the simplistic and often negative perceptions of the continent while sharing the beautiful gifts that this rich and diverse continent has to offer. That being said I look forward to serving as your Co VP External and fulfilling our mission of raising awareness about Africa.



VP Internal: Temi Alao



Hi, My name is Temi Alao. I’m a third year political science and economics student. I am Nigerian and I enjoy watching movies, helping people and dancing ( I’ve got pretty sick moves, if I do say so myself).I look forward to working and having a blast with AAI as the VP Internal this year. Feel free to come up and chat about prospective events.




VP Marketing: Arielle Uwonkunda


My name is Arielle Uwonkunda and I am a third year Business student intending to major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Fresh from Rwanda, I came to Sauder School of Business two years ago with limited knowledge of what the business world had for me. I just knew I had a deep sighted interest in consumer behavior and everything that had to do with presentation, event planning and promotions! After my first year in college, my business interest expanded to the world of calculated risk, the world of Entrepreneurship. Today, I spend most of my days in UBC and in Rwanda working with the Arc Initiative to build and foster entrepreneurial capacity in developing countries. In my spare time, I practice my passion for digital media, run a couple of miles in the morning and read plenty of dramatic or romantic French novels.                                                  I wish you all an amazing academic year with UBC AAI!

VP Administration: Joshua Agabu


I am Joshua, your VP admin for the next academic year. I am from Malawi, but I have spent the last 9 years out of Malawi living in Namibia and Studying in Kenya. I am currently in second year studying Social Sciences and looking to Major in Political Science . I joined AAI because of the community that it offers. Apart from that through AAI I am made of aware of various aspects and issue affecting Africa that I did not have knowledge of and I can share a thing or two that I know about Africa to fellow Africans and the greater UBC population. I am very passionate about African Politics especially How Africa fairs in international politics. I always have an opinion about anything political, some of my views are questionable but that’s just politics not everyone will agree with you. Apart from that I like to dancing, meeting people and learning new things and having new experiences. As your VP admin for this year I happy to be onboard as we strive to create awareness about Africa here at UBC and the greater Vancouver Area.

VP Finance: Akua Durowaa


Hello, my name is Akua commonly known as Nana. I am honored to be serving as the VP Finance for this academic year. I am a second year Arts student with a planned major in Economics and a minor in Commerce. Having spent my whole life in Ghana, I recently moved to Canada for my tertiary education in UBC. I have always been interested in the Economic elements in various issues of my community and country. I believe that strong and better Economics knowledge and policies are the gateway to conquer every problem faced by any organization. I joined AAI because I wanted a strong community, but discovered AAI was more than just a community but also an open body of support and knowledge. As your VP finance for this year, I hope for your continual support and attendance to our events, which serve to enrich us all in very different ways. My hobbies include watching & playing soccer, watching movies & TV shows. My hope for this year is foster a greater spread of knowledge of Africa amongst our peers and instructors at UBC.

Webmaster: Abenezer Woldehana

AbenezerHello! My name is Abenezer Woldehana, am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in the faculty of Applied Science. I joined AAI because I wanted to be part of an African club on campus; which is committed to improve how Africa is perceived in the UBC community and around Vancouver. In addition, I hope to meet and know more students who are passionate about Africa here at UBC. I am thrilled to be serving as your webmaster for this academic year. My goal is to strengthen the interaction between our members and the executive team by providing a great online platform. I will do my best to make sure that the official AAI website is user friendly and informative. My hobbies include playing Soccer, watching action/adventure movies, TV shows, and playing video games. If you have any questions or comments about the website or the Facebook page or anything related to AAI, feel free to hit me up! I look forward to have a fun-filled year ahead with all of you!


Global Lounge Representative: Mercy Wanalo

 MercyHello, My name is Mercy Wanalo, from Kenya. I am currently a 2nd year student in the faculty of Land and Food Systems and I hope to major in International Nutrition. I am extremely honored to serve AAI as the Global Lounge Representative this year and I will do my best to establish meaningful relationships with other Global Lounge network members. AAI is my home away from home for many reasons but the most significant one would be because I have met very many friends who I now consider to be my family through my involvements with AAI. I am passionate about Africa and the perceptions that the greater UBC community has about Africa and AAI provides the perfect platform for me to be able to shape some of those perceptions. As President Kenyatta mentioned in the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit; “Africa is the worlds` newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunities” and I hope to show the greater UBC community just how much Africa has to offer to the rest of the world. I look forward to connecting with all of you!

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