Our Team

Executive Position Breakdown


The president is responsible for overlooking all the club’s activities and correspondence. He/she I also supposed to create a vision for the club and to ensure that the team members remain motivated to achieve this vision. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Chairing a weekly executive meeting for progress report and task allocation
  • Resolving external or internal conflicts that may arise
  • Taking a proactive role in intentional team building
  • Attending to the main club email for any external correspondences, with the assistance of the VP External
  • Ensuring that tasks are fairly at all club events
  • Reviewing tasks performed by all team members and providing constructive feedback.
  • Exemplary leadership by actively engaging with club members during events to foster learning and to sustain members’ interest in the club.
  • Taking an active role In facilitating the promotion of the African Studies Minor program to the UBC Student Community

Flexibility, good interpersonal skills, and adept knowledge of the AAI Mandate are important qualities for the candidate interested in this portfolio.


The Vice president Administration is responsible for clubs administrative duties of the club this includes:

  • Managing the mailing list
  • Adding Emails to the Mailing list
  • Responding to the VP Administration Email Address which is linked to the newsletter and redirecting emails to the appropriate portfolio for appropriate responses
  • Send out the Newsletter
  • Being present at booth Events most notably clubs day and Imagine day to record new and prospective members’ emails
  • Records Meeting Minutes and sends them out to other executive members.
  • May be required to step in place of the Webmaster at events to oversee Audio and Visual equipment is functioning as planned.
  • Depending on location and time some events will require you to book venues.
  • The VP administration position apart from the paper work is more of a floating role and sometimes during event planning your job is mainly t send out the newsletter on time however you may be called upon to undertake duties in assistance to other executives and these duties may include: being in charge of music at events and rushing to places to pick up things at the last minute should any other executive be unable to do it as well as welcoming guests at events.

Having a reliable computer that can function for long hours without needing to recharge is an asset, you will be using mail chimp to send newsletters, the skills for this can be easily attained after a few days even hours of trying the system out but if you have knowledge of this software it can save you the time of leaning to use it. Organization skills will serve you well in this role and Patience is an asset especially when entering emailing into the log. As well as flexibility due to the fact that your role will sometimes be a floating role.

VP EXTERNAL (Co position)

The VP Externals are responsible for overseeing the annual Africa Awareness Conference Week. Conference Week is a long-standing AAI tradition aimed at showcasing the club as well as engaging in dialogue with members and the wider UBC community on a particular issue or theme.

The primary focus of AAI as a club, highlighted in its name, is to raise awareness about Africa. The theme for Conference Week should therefore reflect that by focusing on Africa and its diverse nations. Since the primary focus of Conference Week is Africa the VP Externals are expected to be passionate and knowledgeable about the continent. This co-position also entails attending to external matters of the organization such as partnering with other groups, clubs and individuals at UBC, appealing to faculty members, reaching out to other universities as well as the wider Vancouver community. The VP Externals should therefore keep an eye out for opportunities and platforms to promote and showcase AAI. Duties are:

  • Formulating a theme for Conference Week and presenting this to the executive team by September.
  • Determining the layout of events that fall under this theme
  • Choosing and contacting speakers and presenters
  • Deciding on event locations as well as other logistical factors such as provisions for the week
  • Assigning and delegating tasks to executive team members, such as volunteer recruitment as needed for Conference Week
  • Liaising closely with VP Finance to formulate a budget for the week as well as to apply for funds and grant.
  • Liaising closely with VP Marketing to formulate a marketing strategy for the week.
  • Writing reports as required after Conference Week.
  • Boothing for AAI as needed
  • Facilitating AAI events as needed

Written and verbal communication skills Time management skills, Ability to multitask, Ability to work individually as well as on a team, Ability to delegate tasks as needed, Event planning experience would be an asset , Organizational skills and  solving abilities are an asset for this position.


The VP Finance is responsible for ensuring that the club is in good terms with The AMS. This requires ensuring all AMS rules and requirements are adhered to and our financial account has a surplus at the end of the fiscal year. Duties include:

  • Make budget for the year and for every event.
  • Keep records of club members
  • Make bookings with the AMS
  • Apply for funds
  • Work with VP Internal and VP external to ensure all events have the right budget
  • Point of contact between AMS and the club.
  • Ensure all expenditures on behalf of the club are reimbursed
  • Boothing at events.
  • Apply for room and locker space
  • Shopping for essential materials and equipment for events
  • Attending weekly meetings

A basic background in accounting, being able to work under pressure to meet deadlines and make decisions, being a team player and willing to attend weekly meetings, being able to work independently, having good communication skills, being hardworking, being able to multi-task will be a plus.


The VP Internal is responsible for overseeing all organizational internal matters of the organization such as considering members, volunteers, and ensuring that Africa Awareness’ annual internal goals such as to host a conference, to fund-raise for an African educational charity, and to host academic as well as social events are met.

The VP internal promotes the ideologies of AAI through organizing major and minor club events, some of which include the welcome barbeque, Indabas (a council or meeting of members to discuss various matters), Dioko and cultural night. The core of this position entails:

  • Dealing with event planning and logistics.
  • Creating an event calendar for the year.
  • Facilitating events.
  • Coordinating bookings for events.
  • Coordinating volunteers.
  • Boothing responsibilities.
  • Working closely with other executive members, especially, the VPs finance and marketing.

The ability to take initiative, be proactive, creative and work closely with people in general would be an asset for this position. The position will afford you the opportunity to build your network and learn to engage with people of diverse culture.


The Vice President Marketing serves in the executive team of the African Awareness Initiative (AAI) club as a communication liaison between AAI and the UBC student body. The VP Marketing will be in charge of creating an effective and engaging marketing strategy for the club. The VP Marketing will play a pivotal role in preserving the AAI image within UBC and outside. Tasks Include:

  • Manage all social media platforms of AAI (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Respond to all Facebook messages and website inquiries
  • Research and share current events in Africa with the UBC student council and the AAI team
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies for Conference Week and club events
  • Manage other marketing functions of AAI, including sales, advertising and brand management
  • Coordinate with photographers and videographers to receive content of all events.

Ability to plan and execute marketing strategies, Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Proven ability to be proactive and creative, Proven ability to work effectively in teams, Excellent time management skills, Proven ability to work under time and budget constraint, It will be an asset to have advanced proficiency in Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop) or Picasa, Asset photography and editing skills would be helpful in Fulfilling this role.


The Global Lounge Representative (GL Rep), acts as a liaison between Africa Awareness and the Global Lounge. The GL Rep must fulfill their duties and responsibilities that the Global Lounge has outlined while ensuring that the Core Dream Goals for the club are incorporated in their strategy for the year, duties include:

  • Attend Global Lounge network meetings and AAI Executive weekly meetings
  • Represent AAI in Global Lounge (GL) events like Impact Lab and International Development Week.
  • Be proactive in seeking out other GL member clubs to collaborate with.
  • Support other Executive members in fulfilling their duties as they arise.
  • Boothing as needed.


The Webmaster/Webmistress is responsible for updating and maintenance of the official Africa Awareness and Conference week websites. He/She creates new and innovative channels to market the club and interact with the membership online. Duties Include:

  • Website maintenance involves updating content, fixing broken links and images, and choosing easily understandable content for the target audience.
  • Designing the Conference week website
  • Work immediately to implement required changes to the sites request upon other exec team members and club members
  • Providing any technical assistance such as: making slide sets for events
  • Providing weekly updates on your progress at execs meeting

Good team working, interpersonal and communication skills are important qualities for a candidate in this position to have. As well as the ability to multi-task, prioritize and work under pressure to meet deadlines. It would be an asset to have advanced proficiency in Microsoft office, Prezi and familiarity to WordPress.


The AFST Student Representative’s primary role is to act as a liaison between the African Studies Department and the Africa Awareness Initiative while maintaining the academic pillar of AAI’s African Dream (www.ubcaai.org). The Representative is also the face of the AFST program for AAI, other UBC African-related clubs, and more broadly on campus. Duties Include:

  • Scheduling one-on-one meetings with the Chair of the Program (currently Professor Rose-Marie Déchaine)
  • Promoting the Minor in AFST-related courses: giving quick talks, distributing flyers, sending mass emails to students, etc.
  • Providing accurate information to students interested in or currently minoring in AFST via email or in person
  • Responding promptly and professionally over email and by phone
  • Attending AFST Advisory Committee meetings (twice a term) and weekly AAI exec meetings
  • Boothing, facilitating, and occasionally hosting AAI events to promote the Minor
  • Liaising closely with AAI’s President and Webmaster to promote AFST-related events on AAI’s social media platforms

We are seeking an organized, efficient, and friendly person to promote the Minor on campus. We are looking for a motivated person who can think critically and logically. We are searching for someone with a passion for Africa and whose professionalism can be assured when they correspond with UBC staff members and students. Minoring (or planning to minor) in African studies would be a strong asset.

"Involving Africa in the creation of global citizens"