About AAI

The UBC Africa Awareness Initiative is a student-run organization, started in 2002, committed to improving discourse surrounding and including Africa at UBC.

Mission Statement

UBC Africa Awareness Initiative, hereby referred to as Africa Awareness or AAI, is committed to improving discourse surrounding and including Africa at the University of British Columbia. In our capacity as UBC students, we aim to produce outstanding academic forums to encourage critical discussions pertaining to the relevance of the African continent and its Diaspora. Our mission is to exceed the layperson’s expectations of how much Africa has to give to the world. We will accomplish this by presenting world-class African scholars, writers, artists and activists representative of the high standard of knowledge being produced about Africa.

Original Core Values/ Long term goals

Since its inception, Africa Awareness has stood by four main pillars that set it apart from other organizations:

  1. Education
  2. Awareness
  3. Leadership
  4. Unity





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"Involving Africa in the creation of global citizens"